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Why do you need BIBE account? This is the way to get all your tickets organized without worrying about whether you have reached the entry or if the e-mail is preserved inyour inbox. Everytime you need, you can access and print them without any problem.

Anyway, you can get your tickets without signing up in a BIBE account.


There are 2 easy and safety ways to make the payment.

- BANK CARD: Use your debit or credit card for payment. A secured virtual payment gateway will be enabled before going back to view purchased tickets in BIBE.

- PAYPAL: You can either choose you account for faster payment or your bank card. Once you complete the checkout process you will be redirected to BIBE. Wait for a short while during the seeing of the adquired tickets, in order to avoid any kind of problem.

In any case, you will get an e-mail with the attached tickets in PDF.


You will get the tickets in 24 hours. If there is not any notice from them, check spam in your inbox. Anyway, havng a BIBE account yoy will have them available from the web site. It is too easy!!

Remember you have to show the tickets in the entrance for the event; the payment bill is not a valid document.


If you have any other doubts, make us know contacting the event organizer: