Manage easily ticket sales yourself. You just need to register and create your events. In a few minutes your customers will be able to buy tickets from anywhere. You no need any special technical knowledge. And you will have reports of all the event details: date, time, location, price, sold tickets... Lets try it!


There are 2 secured ways to make the payent: Paypal or virtual bank gateway. You can also enable the Ticket Office service to print at the moment the tickets and control the money transactions. If you need printery option service, we can do it for you.


You can control the capacity of the enclosures, by using different kinds of access control: paper-list, Android app or bar-code scanners. Please let us know which are your requirements.


Do you need numbered seats in your auditorium? BIBE can manage your seats and user can easily choose their place to live the BIBE experience. We assist you in the map design: tell us!


You need a showcase to have impact in your event: BIBE helps you to spread out the event in the net. Share your events in social network, and manage invitations for those you want to come to the experience.


There is not any cost for a published event. The user pays a very low comission for each ticket. Ouh! And we can get financing in order to get a lower comission.


We are contacting some publicist to lower the costs for your event.

This is your site for your events.

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